I made a comic with pretty much the same punchline as this other comic I made maybe no one will notice

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olenna tyrell: killing a man at a wedding? that’s horrid! what sort of monster would do such a thing? *looks at the camera like she’s on the office*



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Changing Stereotypes!!

Every 4 months or so I feel the need to rewatch Miss Representation.
Its always a good decision.

"We are so used
to the idea of a woman
hating herself
that the thought
of self love and confidence
is repulsive."

Michelle K., What Do You Really Mean When You Call Her a Bitch? (via michellekpoems)

A Very Realistic Military Game

My friend just told me about this and omg its so spot on why haven’t I seen this before?

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ROBB STARK; mix for the king in the north;

listen here;

001. i just can’t wait to be king

002. i just can’t wait to be king

003. i just can’t wait to be king

004. i just can’t wait to be king

005. i just can’t wait to be king

006. i just can’t wait to be king

007. i just can’t wait to be king

008. the rains of castamere

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#i want to thank not only god but jesus for this female character

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"I have learned
that you cannot burn bridges
that never existed.
Being with you was never
a religious experience,
I did not need a savior
I was made to save myself."

Michelle K., Burning Invisible Bridges. (via michellekpoems)

Parks and Recreaction + GPOY

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